[BCUSGN] honors excellent athletes  at Ho Chi Minh City National University Sports Festival

🌟 So we have experienced an extremely dynamic and exciting Sports Festival season with the participation of "golden faces" from BCU.
✊ Our BCU-ers have devoted themselves to the skills, the teamwork that is promoted in the competitions and brought home the proud awards.
👉 So let's review the photos of BCU athletes who have brought outstanding achievements together!
🔸 Trịnh Nhật Lệ 🥇 Gold medal - Tug of war
🔸 Nguyễn Đàm Vân Khành 🥇 Gold medal - Tug of war
🔸 Lê Hoàng Anh Chi 🥈 Silver medal - Women's basketball
🔸 Nguyễn Hữu Quốc Nam 🥉 Bronze medal - Tug of war and 🥈 Silver medal - Men's badminton team
🔸 Đoàn Hoàng Sơn 🥉 Bronze medal - Tug of war
🔸 Chew Võ Huy Giao 🥉 Bronze medal - Tug of war
🎊 You have brought back to our BCU very beautiful images of enthusiastic and creative sports spirits as well as healthy gameplay that created unforgettable impressions, contributing to a rewarding sports season of physical training for students.
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